Being an artist is great. Art is a huge concept and makes me feel small and respectful towards the greatness around me. The world and nature are full of divine artwork in different shapes and colours. My approach to this gift of creation is fearless and devoted to the Creator of all things who has made me able to dive so deep into this ocean of free living artwork, while my small contribution is bound to the canvas. Nevertheless I intend to give joy and pleasure to all of you observers.

I was born in a small shippingtown, Farsund of Norway in 1950 and started early drawing and coloring. Marriage and 4 children took most of my time in younger days, but half way in life I grabbed my palette and started my creation work full time allmost 40 years ago.

My first teacher was a sailship painter, Carl B Hestman. Norwegian, but lived in Sweden, which explains why I now live in Sweden my self together with my husband. Coming from Farsund, a shippingtown on the south tip of Norway, I enjoyed learning to paint the sea, not to mention the great wooden sailships that now are just history. Later I was brought further by two professors, Dr. Daoud Anad in Berlin and Dr. George Suttner in Stockholm. Unfortunately they have now all passed away, but I carry with me a lot of the gits they left me.

I have by many been asked why I could leave Norway for Sweden. But this has to do with my first teacher, Carl Hestman, who lived in Sweden at that time. After all Sweden is allso a very beautiful country like Norway and in Scandinavia we speak allmost the same language. My husband Roald Danielsen and I live in Bengtsfors, a small town in the heart of Dalsland, some might say in the woods or in the middle of nowhere. But theese small communities have a great charm and Dalsland have a beautiful nature with forests, valleys and lakes everywhere.

Just outside our small swedish villa, my husband has built a little 40 m2 gallery where I display my sailship paintings and other coastline pictures. But he runs allso a bigger 200 m2 gallery in another small town nearby. Actually deep in a typical swedish forest. As all roads leads to Rome, you can come to Dalsland from any part of the world.

So if you ever plan to visit Sweden, you are of course most welcome to Dalsland and Bengtsfors allso to see my artwork, some of which are shown on this site. I hope you enjoyed this little story and I thank you for taking the time to visist my homepage.

Kind regards

Allis Lysne